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A traveler picks the wrong bag at a bus terminus. On getting to his destination he realizes that instead of his bag with basic essentials for his travel, he now has an identical bag with loads of cash. He resolves to keep it but he is in for a rude shock. Several people are in pursuit of that bag putting him and his family in absolute danger. His battle to keep the loot while struggling to save himself from this danger is the recipe for this hilarious comedy by Heartstrings Entertainment.

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This comedy show directed by Sammy Mwangi assisted by Dennis Ndeng’a is another great piece. One might be lost on the flow of the story in the first 20 minutes. The long conversation between the main couple (Victor Nyaata and Macrine Andala) seems to drag for eternity. Despite the great, witty and comic delivery the dialogue could be shorter and still serve the same purpose. However when Nick Quach comes in looking for the bag the audience is immediately transfixed to the story as the inciting incident is now laid down.

When Heartstrings Entertainment seem to have slid into a comfort zone, they just surprise you. In Who let the dogs out, we can see more than just actors trying to make the audience laugh. The actors display a skill that for a long time, we have all longed for in Heartstrings’ plays. Most notable is Cyprian Osoro’s new demeanor in this show. He is far from his usual self of an actor with clownish antics. He is now more composed and despite the fact that he is now playing a more serious role his comic delivery is still at par with the best.

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A new face in Heartstrings Kenya is Pablo Kimani. He is mostly silent in the play but so powerful that when he utters a word here and there you are on the edge of your seat waiting for the next move he pulls.

Adelyne Nimo is another actor (I don’t have actors and actresses in my vocabulary) that should be watched closely. She grows into new strengths every day. In this play she is submissive in one minute and in the next she is more confrontational than a cat locked up in a room with someone intent on assaulting it. Macrine is angry. This anger seems to define her in all plays. It works well for her and could be a brand that she wishes to refine and have it earn more for her. Before she tries out another act, I would encourage her to establish herself as that angry, oppressed woman who usually rises against the odds to triumph over all the obstacles set before her.

Victor Nyaata is the epitome of “Umama”.He is the ever bitchy man who is always complaining about nothing and everything. Find yourself on his wrong side and he will tell you, “kaa hapa nikusomee”. He will then proceed to dress you down so badly that you will end up wishing you were facing a scorned woman rather than him. This is another character that could be developed to greater heights so before we talk of versatility we could also focus on adding value to what we already have. Nick Quach does not let down in his eloquence and clear articulation. We are yet to pin him down to one dominant character.

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This is a great piece of work, enough proof that Ndeng’a is really growing as a director under the tutorship of Sammy Mwangi. Who let the dogs out is a good value for money. If you missed the previous two runs over a period of two weeks, worry not, there will be a repeat of the same from 21st to 24th July 2016 at Alliance Francaise de Nairobi. See you there.



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